Software protection
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Software protection

Our software license is based on a single user model. One license allows our customers to use it one PC. 

All software created by us uses special protection techniques to ensure, that it runs on one PC, only.

We offer two different solutions to fulfill your needs.

The HOSTID solution is software based. It uses a unique identification and will run on the PC, that was entered during registration.
The hardware key is more flexible. It allows the software to run on any PC, on which the hardware key is installed.

Notice: Every Software shipped by us contains several watermarking techniques. Each executable is unique and can easily be identified.


Hardware Key (Dongle)

The dongle is a small USB device you can plug to your computer. The program checks for this dongle and denies execution, if the hardware key does not exist. This solution is very flexible, because you are not fixed to one computer. Typical situations are costumers, who want to use our solutions on their desktop PC and e.g. a notebook. With the software lock, you have to buy two licenses. With the dongle solution, you can use our software on any PC as long as the dongle is plugged in.

There is also a dongle for printer ports available.



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Last modified: Februar 08, 2003