Signal Generator
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The Complete Solution
Signal Generator
Sound level meter

This signal generator is a powerful tool  in audio equipment analysis. Together with the analyzer "WinaudioMLS" a rich set of measurements can be performed. This generator is available in a freeware version and a PRO version.

Key Benefits

Waveforms: sine, rectangular, triangular, noise
Maximum length sequences (MLS)
Adjust frequency, phase, level, MLS length
Fixed and variable level control
Adjust all parameters in real-time. You can do a smooth frequency sweep by hand.
It behaves like an analog generator
DirectX based
Supports multiple soundcards
Multi channel support to test surround equipment
Create .wav files
No installation required

Pro Version

Linear+logarithmic sine sweeps
Pink noise (1/f-noise)
Gaussian noise
Digital filters (RIAA, A, C and parametric) (optional)
Burst generator
Can be calibrated
Adjust pulse widths for rectangular signals
Frequency presets and slider 
Adjustable start+stop frequency
Mix an unlimited number of signals (e.g. dual tone etc)
Plays .wav files with adjustable fade-in and fade-out
Save presets
Command line interface for scripting (optional)



24 Bit Version


Supports 24 bit 192kHz on all  channels
Supports up to 64 channels
Includes all features of the PRO version
DirectX and ASIO 2 support
We offer a test version in our download area



Win95/98/ME NT40/NT2000/XP
Pentium 100 with 16MB memory
DirectX compatible sound device

Documentation (.pdf)



Description ID Price (Euro)
SigGen #1200 freeware
SigGen PRO #1201 39
SigGenerator PRO 24Bit #1224 79


Download the Freeware version


Screenshot with frequency presets, slider and statistics


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Last modified: Mai 09, 2006