USB Measurement Microphones

Recently, powerful USB measurement microphones are available.

The advantages of such solutions are:

Setup is much easier, no phantom power, no drivers, etc.
Simply connect it to the USB port.
With appropriate software, these systems are calibrated directly.You can measure absolute sound level sound.
Calibrated measurement range selection via software
Cable lengths up to 60m
All parts of the signal chain are matched to each other.
Measuring ranges are instantly recognizable.

This is what you expect from a modern PC measurement system.

In many classical solutions, the problem occurs that the number of possible sources of error is quite high. An arbitrary combination of soundcard with microphone.  Is the preamp overloaded, the capsule, or the AD converter?. 
who owns a collection at various USB soundcards knows the "fiddling" (check wiring, Windows Drivers, phantom power, level setting, the Windows Mixer adjustments  etc.).

These are things you should not consider today


In general, the new USB measurement microphones work with all measurement programs on the market. Only, the level calibration calibration feature is available in specially designed systems.

The quality ranges from simple system (e.g.  ECM8000 level) , to systems that meet the highest requirements (B & K capsule via threads 60 UNS)


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Last modified: Februar 05, 2013