Akulap module sound and noise

With Akulap you can perform a wide range of  measurements for room acoustics and building acoustics. 

The system consists of:

Windows Notebook/Tablet PC
Analysis software Akulap
USB measurement microphone
optional sound level calibrator

By using small notebooks , you can easily build a mobile measurement system. The large color display gives you a quick overview of all relevant parameters.




AkuLap is a professional Windows application for powerful real-time signal and system analysis.
By using the PC environment, it is not only a cost efficient replacement for classical laboratory equipment. AkuLap offers more powerful features combined with a comfortable user interface. Typical applications are acoustic measurements, room and building acoustics and noise monitoring.
If you run Akulap on a notebook or even a tablet PC, you can easily build a mobile measurement system.



With the large display it is very user-friendly compared to classic hand held sound level meters
Measurement of noise according to international standards
Measure all parameters simultaneously e.g. LCeq, Lceq, LAFmax, Lcpeak,LAFTeq,L95% etc
Real-time 1/3 octave analyzer
FFT analysis
Level vs. Time plots
Signal statistics
Audio recorder (.wav/ .mp3) synchronous to the signal analysis
Tonal components IEC 45681 (optional)
Supports Marker for post-processing
Loudness ISO 532B (Sone)
Easy export of measurement results via graphic or table (CSV)
You can use different signal acquisition hardware. e.g. USB class 1 / 2 microphones
Akulap runs on different PC, notebook, Tablet with Microsoft windows installed XP/vista/7/8/10 32/64bit

Demo version

User manual AkuLap noise 

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Example screenshot with 1/3 octave real time analyzer and SPL vs. time




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