Akulap module room acoustics ISO3382

With Akulap you can perform a wide range of  measurements for room acoustics and building acoustics. 

The system consists of:

Windows Notebook/Tablet PC
Analysis software Akulap
USB measurement microphone
optional sound level calibrator

By using small notebooks , you can easily build a mobile measurement system. The large color display gives you a quick overview of all relevant parameters.

Akulap uses highly sophisticated techniques like Maximum Length Sequences (MLS) or LOG-sweep to measure reverberation parameters
fast and reliable. In addition measurements via impulse excitation or switched noise are supported. Therefore Akulap supports all know techniques for measurements.






With the large display, it is very user-friendly compared to classic hand held sound level meters
Simple measurement of parameters according to ISO 3382.
Supports measurement via impulse, noise or sinus sweep (LOG Sweep/Chirp)
Includes wizard for fast and easy measurements. Training phase is very short. Automatic error detection
Generates reports (HTML / PDF) according to DIN 18041 ISO 3382
Database manager to organize the measurements 
Average of  different measurement positions
Simple export to Excel
Measures RT60 with 1/3 octave resolution
Import and Export of room impulse responses from/to .wav files
Schroeder plot
EDT T20 T30
Clarity and definition
STI, RASTI and STIPA (IEC 60268-16)

Demo version

User manual AkuLap noise 

User manual AkuLap reverb 


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Example test report ISO3382 (original PDF)





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