AkuLap module building acoustics ISO 140/ 717, ISO/DIN 16283-1

With Akulap you can perform a wide range of  measurements for room acoustics and building acoustics. 

The system consists of:

Windows Notebook/Tablet PC
Analysis software Akulap
USB measurement microphone
optional sound level calibrator

By using small notebooks , you can easily build a mobile measurement system. The large color display gives you a quick overview of all relevant parameters.




Sound insulation according to ISO 140 and ISO 16283-1
Air borne sound and impact level via tapping machine
Includes wizard for fast and easy measurements. Training phase is very short. Automatic error detection
Report generator complies to DIN EN ISO 717-1/ 2
C, Ctr and CI
Rw, DnTw, Lnw, LnTw, etc.
Includes a room manager to structure all measurements and results
Average of different measurement positions
Graphical and numerical results
Combine several results to one Multi-plot
Option: measure source and receiving room simultaneously with 2 USB microphones

Demo version

User manual AkuLap building acoustics 

User manual AkuLap noise 

User manual AkuLap reverb 


Example PDF report for impact level via tapping machine 

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Configuration dialog for air borne sound insulation

Configuration dialog for impact level via tapping machine

Example test report ISO16283-1 (original PDF)




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Last modified: April 19, 2015