Lab Measurements with the APX555 from Audio Precision

Since we own in our Lab the flagship Audio Analyzer APX555 from Audio Precision, we publish some measurement results from commercial devices.


Please note, that we offer measurements from your devices in our LAB. You will get world leading measurement equipment plus our experienced engineering. The results from an APX555 are worldwide recognized. We can do small series batch testing as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Selftest of our APX555 with balanced loopback


Mic Pre-Amplifiers

Stageline MP102 main/battery powered Mic pre-amp with 24V Phantom power

Mictotech Gefell MV210 ICP/IEPE pre-amplifier


passive DI boxes (convert unbalanced input to unbalanced via a transformer)

Behringer ultra DI_400p 




An important quality factor is distortion at higher levels below 100Hz

Welter 1:1

NTE 10




China 1kHz "ultra low distortion" after careful adjustments




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Last modified: November 08, 2019