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Phase 26

Edirol UA-5

Following the success of the UA-30, the first ever USB audio interface, Edirol now introduces a brand new product line concept, called AUDIO CAPTURE, to meet the great demand for fully featured USB-based audio solutions for both PC and Mac.
Top of the line is the UA-5, the only professional USB audio interface that offers the most required specifications all in one compact and stylish module. The UA-5 delivers a complete USB audio recording system, ready to use on both desktop and laptop computers, providing the widest range of input connectors, including Hi-z Guitar preamp, phantom-powered condenser MIC's, optical & coaxial S/P DIF, and professional quality audio resolution (selectable up to 24-bit, 96 kHz).
A comprehensive array of switches and buttons on the front panel allows for extremely fast and intuitive operation, ranging from gain control, sample rate switch and even a unique ASIO Driver mode (ADV), which enhances the hardware performance of the UA-5 when used with ASIO-compatible software.
The UA-5 represents the ideal recording interface for capturing all kinds of audio sources onto your computer at the highest quality. It's compatible with all pro-acclaimed audio production software for PC and Mac, and particularly enhanced for ASIO-compatible music software. Also perfect for editing & mixing digital and analogue signals from both professional (DAT) and consumer (Minidisc, CD, MP3) audio players/recorders.



Detail view


2x universal TRS input connectors (XLR/Guitar/Balanced/Unbalanced) on front panel
2x Line RCA input/output and 2x TRS output connectors on the rear panel
Coaxial & optical S/P DIF input/output on rear panel
48V phantom power switch
WDM (Win), ASIO 2.0 (Win/Mac), MME (Win), drivers and Sound Manager (MacOS 9.x) and CoreAudio (MacOS X) compatibility
First of its kind switch for both native (WDM/ASIO) and generic drivers to enhance accuracy in recording environment with low latency
Direct Monitoring function allows for zero-latency performance while recording/overdubbing
Portable design, easy connection to computer through a single USB cable
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, MacOS 9.x and MacOS X compatible

The device requires a main adapter. It is not USB bus powered.


Description ID Price (Euro)
Edirol UA-5 #5002 395


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Last modified: November 10, 2003