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The Complete Solution
Signal Generator
Sound level meter


This is a selection of measurement microphones which are specially designed for measurements

All these measurement microphones have a XLR connector and require a phantom power. They can be connected to specially equipped soundcards or pre-amplifiers, only.


Microphones with 1/2" capsule

DJD Typ 1 IEC60651 Class 1,pre-polarized, 20-20000Hz, 17-146dB
DJD Typ 2 IEC60651 Class 1, pre-polarized, 20-40000Hz, 25-160dB


Microphones with 1/4" capsule

ECM8000 from Behringer  general purpose
ECM-40 from Stageline general purpose
MM1 from Beyerdynamik  small size
MBC-550 from Stageline/Haun high quality capsule
MB30 from Earthworks IEC60651 Class 1, 5-30kHz, 22-142dB,


Preamplifier from Stageline, connect all the measurement microphones to almost any soundcard 




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Last modified: Februar 24, 2009